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5 Axis Machining

· 3 x 5 Axis machining centres for the manufacture of high precision complex parts, which offer simultaneous machining capability.   Enabling us to machine in a single setup helping to save time and give the benefit of greater accuracy and repeatability.

· Our CAD software enables us to interrogate model files in various languages such as iges and stp.

3 Axis Machining

· 7 x 3 Axis machining centres which range from 500mm to 1500mm in X axis travel.

· Manufacture of all fixtures in house.

· Bespoke vacuum work holding to aid us in the manufacture of complex shapes.

Our milling plant list consists of:

2 x YCM FX 350 5 Axis Machining Centre

1 x Hurco VM10ui 5 Axis Machining Centre

2 x YCM XV 560 VMC (Vertical machining centre)

1 x YCM NSV156 1.5 Metre travel in x axis

2 x Bridgeport VMC 500

1 x YCM NSV 102A VMC -1 Metre travel in x axis

1 x Hurco VM10i 3 Axis Machining Centre